the webrotator team

Scott Wilkerson, CEO


Prior to forming WebRotator, Scott was the CEO/Co- Founder of Ovallink, Inc, a hyper local digital advertising company specializing in rotating ad space in high traffic areas. While at Ovallink, he identified several key areas in the advertising and web search ecosystem that were underserved, as well as revenue streams that had yet to be discovered. With this vision, he formed WebRotator in 2009. 

Prior to Ovallink, and after graduating from Seattle University in Political Science/Pre-Law with a minor in Business, he went into banking. During his 12-year tenure in the Banking industry, Scott served as a National Sales Manager for some of the top financial institutions in the country. He was responsible for directing a staff of over 250 employees and a P&L with over $2 billion in annual revenue. 

Scott brings over 15 years of experience in startup companies and proven ability to lead teams to excel in today’s fast paced software markets. 

Scott had the original vision for WebRotator after conducting research, including working with the University of Washington, Fosters School of Business. He launched WebRotator full time in 2013. View linkedin profile.

Manfred Von Nostitz, Director of Board


Manfred has an Hon. BA and MA from the University of Toronto. As a former Canadian Ambassador to multiple Asian countries and a senior Canadian government official, he brings a broad spectrum of government and business relations to WebRotator. Formerly the VP of Shanghai based Profound Automotive in Southeast Asia and Principal Adviser to the Malaysian Southern Bank Group, he has extensive experience with corporate acquisitions, technology transfers, investor relations and merger implementation. Since 2005 Mr. von Nostitz has served as President, Asia Pacific, of the Corporate Council Consultancy S.A., based in Kuala Lumpur advising Western companies on business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. In Malaysia he is Chairman of VAG Holdings Sdn Bhd a telecom company. In Thailand he is advising the industrial conglomerate the PM Group on building a blockchain ecosystem and setting up a medical cannabis business.

Otto Von Nostitz, Chief Marketing Officer


Otto has a Hon. BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from the Australian National University. He is the founder and CEO of Xarcade a blockchain video gaming platform. As an active member of the NEM Foundation he has been an active blockchain promoter cross a wide range of businesses. He has diverse experience in the IT field, including the successful launching of an Asian online karaoke company Rising Stars in the Philippines. In Singapore, he works with AlpsSocial a digital financial network company. In Malaysia he is a Director of the Malaysian Eco Premium Packaging company and a Listing Agent for the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange (ILOCX) based in London.


Ashwin Utturkar, Attorney

After getting both his law degree and MBA, Ashwin began working in asset management and investment banking. He holds years of experience in capital raising, corporate advisory, financial modeling and asset management. View linkedin profile.



Dave Larson

Dave Larson is the ultimate commission sales rep - he has years of experience selling entertainment packages and events.