Click the link to find out about our final consent findings by DFI 

A letter from our CEO in response to the DFI allegations and final consent order:

We feel it is important for all of our shareholders and business partners to be aware of the investigation that we endured from 2014 to date. It is in response to the allegations set forth, we feel it is important to highlight the following facts:

- These allegations arose after we terminated an internal contractor who's uncle in New York was an investor in WebRotator and demanded his investment back. WebRotator offered the investment back over 12 months plus 8% interest and the lawyer counter offered with ridiculous allegations and made a complaint.

- WebRotator refutes all of the allegations. The allegations were civil, not criminal. 

- WebRotator received a final consent order stating "NOT GUILTY."

- WebRotator has never been asked to cease and desist.

-WebRotator filed a Form D with the SEC in Washington DC in 2013 with a local law firm in Bellevue, WA.

- WebRotator has always utilized lawyers to raise capital via a private placement memorandum and made all shareholders review and sign the private placement memorandum, accredited/unaccredited questionnaires and startup capital/high risk invest documents prepared by lawyers.

- WebRotator does not sell securities 

- Our attorneys still feel that the Form D filed by the SEC is correct

- The word 'fraudulent' was removed from the allegations and was REMOVED from the final consent order. It was not allowed anywhere. 

- WebRotator has offered to buy back shares on three separate occasions since 2013

- WebRotator is. made up of a global team - all of whom are investors.

-  "We believe we will always be under investigation from the state of Washington and/or by a civil regulatory body; however we feel we are exempt from the state regulatory bodies with our form filed with the SEC by the security acts of 1933. We have also filed a form D with the state of Washington."

- WebRotator has never taken in venture capital or private equity. We are not diluted.