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Company Timeline

In 2004, Scott and his brother-in-law, Jeff Hartin, a Microsoft engineer of 35 years teamed up to create something the tech world had never seen before: a hands-free rotating search engine.

What started as a powerful concept soon evolved into a legitimate company with a patent attorney. 

In 2008, Scott embarked on a journey of extensive research & development, spending three years with the University of Washington's r&d program trying to understand how humans interact with a search engine.

Realizing they were on to something, in 2011 Scott formed an LLC and raised an initial $100,000 from 6 trusted investors whom are affectionately known as "the original 6."

Seeing the company grow and the product begin to come into fruition, Scott and his team started off the 2013 year by filing a Form D with the S.E.C in Washington DC and soon raised $5 million. 

The funds were used to develop a state of the art interactive search engine ready for deployment with the goal being launched mid-way through 2019.

In the meantime, while the prototype gets completed, WebRotator will support all businesses globally with their digital media services as a 24/7, 365 brand representative and SEO provider.

Our team is made up of less than 150 overall investors who have contributed many years of sweat equity and global business partnerships.

Just this year we acquired the licensing agreement to an innovative digital marketing product and are launching our global brand-development agency.

We have created a global salesforce with partners and representatives in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, India and Australia. 

WebRotator Inc. will be listing in the near future on the UK-based Initial License Offering Exchange (www.iloexchange.com) in order to raise more funds to expand and more widely market its services."