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WebRotator connects the world to information and entertainment one person at a time. We are creating a clear path of communication between the consumer and the product utilizing high tech media.


The main pathways being cleared are in the following business environments: Airline, Music/Entertainment, and Information Access. Our company has created a strong foundation of technology and software to support the environments listed above.

The airline industry worldwide consists of over 230 airlines; carrying approximately 900 million passengers annually. The aviation industry/number of passengers is expected to double in the next 20 years (IATA). It is a competitive environment where the airlines are always looking to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. This is called In Flight Entertainment or “IFE” by the airline industry.  The cost to provide entertainment systems today ranges from $500k-$1million per airplane depending on the system installed.

WebRotator has developed a music and entertainment division called Rotator Records that will utilize our model of connecting the world to music and entertainment through high tech media and unique distribution channels.

Future local and global applications are always expanding as well as the Company’s ability to license its products. We will always look to patent and license our products as this creates a strong long term sustainability feature for our company. We currently have one patent filed and pending.  Various other provisional patents are in the process of being created and filed.  This will be an ongoing focus of the company as we develop new and exciting IT products.